Sunday, October 22, 2006

Car Boot Sales

I can't understand where it's all coming from !
We decided that we had better start selling the things that are in boxes in the loft, as we are due to move out of the house around the middle of November, you know the sort of things old kids toys, ornaments and stuff you never even remember buying,
there is so much of it that we have done two car boot sales and estimate that it will take at least two more before most of it has gone, then the rest that's left to the charity shop.
If you had asked me three weeks ago about car boot sales I would have said don't really know anything about them,
But you soon learn and the people that seem to do them regular, How do they do it for a start we had to spend all day Saturday cleaning it, pricing it and boxing it, then load the van up ready for the off on Sunday morning.
And when I say morning I mean morning the first one we did people had said "you have got to be there at the latest 6am"
So we did we got there for 6am and we must have been the last ones to arrive and only just managed to get a pitch, everybody else was there paste tables set out and having a cuppa at the burger van, who if you ask me takes the most money out of everybody,
The second one we learnt our lesson and got there at 5.30am thinking that would be better "NOT" still the same everybody there looking at us gone out, like naughty school kids late for lesson,
and there's me before this didn't even realize there was two 5.30's in a day.
Mind you I must admit they are hard work and you don't half learn how to haggle.
As we set the stuff out and bearing in mind it's 5.30am and pitch black, people are coming round with torches and buying it then later you see most of your rubbish on other stalls being re-sold not that we care as I said most of it was out of the loft and can't have seen the light of day for at least 5 yrs. maybe even 10
But is surprising how much you can take from just basically rubbish that you had forgot you had even got,
still one persons rubbish is another persons treasure I suppose.
Some of the things you do remember buying and remember how much it cost and see what you are being offered for it can make you a bit niggly, but we just had to keep saying to ourselves it's only possessions and we won't need them on Lorimar.
I would have posted a picture but we where so busy, setting out firstly, then haggling and re-stocking that I plain forgot, I'll try and take one at the next one.
Off to the builders next weekend so should have some news to tell you and hopefully some pics.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Contracts are Signed

Well that was an expensive weekend, we visited Paul and Maria at on Saturday and finalised the spec for Lorimar, we have agreed a price signed the contract that will protect both party's during the build and paid our deposit,
it's a waiting game now Paul will be ordering the hull and engine on Monday which should be delivered around the middle to the end of November, it's getting exciting now can't wait to see the steel work start to take shape.

Then we all agreed we should go and celebrate so off to a lovely place near by for a carvery and a drink (or 2)

Did I say 1 or 2 blimey talk about a party!!!

The pub is set next to the canal and a couple that Paul had done some of the fit out for where just mooring for the evening.

What a couple ex-publicans ( Dave and Anna ) that sold up two and a half years ago to live aboard NB Mehalaland,
and a more welcoming and chatty couple would be hard to find on the cut, so we all had a guided tour of Mehalaland after which we decided that the evening just wouldn't be the same unless Dave & Anna joined us, so off we all went on to the pub for a meal.

And am I glad that No.1 son Andrew had decided to come with us this weekend and was able to drive home for me other wise we would have been stranded in Stoke on Trent because I found it hard to walk by the time we left never mind drive.
But who could have asked for more, great company lovely food and plenty of ale.
Special thanks to Paul & Maria for the treat and I promise I'll try not to drink the place dry next time Paul, Honest!!