Sunday, May 06, 2007

Looking Good

When you see something coming to life that until now was just an idea gives you such a warm feeling inside, and we really couldn't have had a better signwriter.

Deefer and Daisy's Bedroom

Paws for Thought

Signwriting 2nd Day

Trouble is with sign writing it's the sort of trade you just can't help watching, you really try hard not to be a pain and keep watching, but you just can't help yourself.
Lucky the sign writer was open to new idea's and we spent a good few hours of the day just throwing ideas in the air and discussing them until we came up with something we all agreed would be good.

Lorain wanted Deefer & Daisy to feel at home !!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Countdown to Launch

This is a link that shows time left to launch date,
Lorimar will be launched at 10am. on Friday the 18th. and once all relevant checks have been carried out by Heartwood Narrowboats we will be setting of for Crick. I must admit it will be a nerve racking day for us all, but hopefully things should go ok.
We hope to set off on our maiden voyage on Saturday which will give us 5 days to reach Crick and ready Lorimar for the show.
We are really looking forward to seeing all our new found friends at the show that have been following our blog site and the beer tent of course, which should be a good time because apparently it is tradition for the builders to buy all the beer we can drink Ha Ha

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The finish of the blue panel is that good you can even see the reflection of the workshop roof.

The cream with blue panels and red coach lines lookes just as good if not better than we had imagined,
This friday we are meeting the signwriter and Elite furnishings are coming along to take final window measurements for the blinds, but thats Lorains department, colours of fabrics and furniture are not my favorite topic, nor Pauls come to that.
Thank goodness for Lorain and Maria xx

Ian is in his element, Paul is so busy with the installing of the electrics, systems, engine and heating system that he has virtually left Ian in charge of the wood working and as usual it has not been a daunting task for him, Paul has taught him well and it certainly shows.

Maria has been busy making the exterior look as good as the interior, the gloss finish looks fantastic and now that the panels and the red coach lines have been added Lorimar is certainly a head turner.

Let there be light

This picture shows what Paul has been busy doing, all the control panels now installed connected and tested,

This shows a view of the arched doorway in the living room, on the right leaning against the side is the start of the door,

Nearing Completion

Book Shelf / Rad Housing in living room

Bedroom Cabinets Started

Well no one said it would be easy !!!

but I must admit we didn't realise just how difficult it was going to be,

Six months seemed to be a long way away, but before you know it, it's only 3 weeks until Lorimar gets launched, and time seems to have gone in a flash, all our plans to do this and that while waiting for the build ?? half the things we planned to do never got done and most of the people we where going to visit never got seen, so our apologies to everyone.