Thursday, December 28, 2006

Santa's Grotto

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The battens were hung in the boat with such care, In hopes that the sprayers soon would be there;

The builders were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of Lorimar sailed in their heads.

When down at the workshops there arose such a clatter, they sprang from their beds to see what the matter.

Away to the window they flew like a flash, tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The spray foamers are here they shouted with glee,

to make Lorimar warm and cozeeeeee!

In a flash they started with only one motto,
we're experts at turning your boat into a grotto.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Battening is finished

Just had some more pics. sent by Maria & Paul at Heartwood of Lorimar pre spray foaming to-morrow, as you can see the battening is finished and the spray foamers should arrive in the morning, Mia has promised some pics. of the spray foaming so I will post them as soon as they arrive.

Progress seems to be great and it's nice now things are finally starting to take shape.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I wanted to get involved with the build without being too much of a pain, but my theory is if it goes on the boat then I need to know where it is and how it comes off for fixing later on in Lorimars life,

so I talked to Paul any chance of helping says I, not a problem the overalls are over there says He,

and that was that I spent the next 3 days passing ballast through the window "how many bricks are you sure" then fitting the base floor and battening the sides and roof,

sure is starting to take shape now and I have heard from Paul today letting us know that the inspector has been down and no issues there, the wiring loom chap has been in and measured and is being created as I type, the loom that is, not the chap, and Lee sanitation have called to measure up our toilet system all this should arrive 2nd. week in Jan.

Oh yes and the engine the green goddess Beta marine 43 arrived safe and sound and what a thing of beauty, ok. ok. so I'm a bit of a saddo, but just have a look at the pics,

anyway that's all for now,

everybody out there have a safe and wonderful Christmas.

Lorimar Sails

Lorimar sails but only in the air,
She arrived at the Heartwood workshops on Thursday afternoon and then it was all hands on deck, firstly to get her into the workshops but that was a well oiled trick "I think they may have done that before" says I, then to get her positioned against the full length of the back wall so Paul would have plenty of workshop room.
At 58 foot she just fits with room to walk around the bow and stern.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Hull Update

Nearly forgot to post the new pictures sent by the builders

Moving Day

Today we officially became homeless,
up early and vans loaded and everything either into storage or sent to the boat builders ready for going aboard Lorimar,
I loaded and transported while Lorain worked her little socks off packing all the things that just couldn't be packed until the last minute and then cleaned the house from top to bottom and the only moan at the end of the day was that she had not had time to clean the windows, "but you only did em last week " says I, yes but they could have done with a last clean.
I'am sure not everybody moves into a house so clean it's like a brand new pin.
She even had me hose down all the block paving before we finally locked the door for the final time.
So we are sitting here tonight in the caravanette cream crackered but happy, the girls (Deefer & Daisy) don't know what to make of it all and I think they keep expecting to go home but you just can't make a dog really understand you that well.
Anyway just a few lines to keep the blog updated got to go and crack open a bottle of red to celebrate.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Semi Trad coming on, still the front bulk head to be fitted.

Hull taking shape

More pictures arrived from the builders today and the lumps of steel are really starting to take shape now,

You can almost see it's a narrow boat at last, LOL

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tragara is launched

While at the builders we had the treat of watching Tragara being transported to a near by marina and launched, and she looked brilliant, and after a few minor adjustments Paul, Maria and the new owners where off on there maiden voyage, and although the weather was a let down every body's face was beaming on there return so obviously a great success,

Hull Underway

Sorry about the delay with the updates, what with pc problems and hotmail problems it's taken this long just to get things sorted enough to be able to post on the blog,

Visited the builders to have a look at the steel work taking shape, not a lot to see really because it's at the first week of building so it really just looks like lumps of steel but it should take shape soon, you can see from the pictures the bow taking shape and the semi trad rear coming on.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Car Boot Sales

I can't understand where it's all coming from !
We decided that we had better start selling the things that are in boxes in the loft, as we are due to move out of the house around the middle of November, you know the sort of things old kids toys, ornaments and stuff you never even remember buying,
there is so much of it that we have done two car boot sales and estimate that it will take at least two more before most of it has gone, then the rest that's left to the charity shop.
If you had asked me three weeks ago about car boot sales I would have said don't really know anything about them,
But you soon learn and the people that seem to do them regular, How do they do it for a start we had to spend all day Saturday cleaning it, pricing it and boxing it, then load the van up ready for the off on Sunday morning.
And when I say morning I mean morning the first one we did people had said "you have got to be there at the latest 6am"
So we did we got there for 6am and we must have been the last ones to arrive and only just managed to get a pitch, everybody else was there paste tables set out and having a cuppa at the burger van, who if you ask me takes the most money out of everybody,
The second one we learnt our lesson and got there at 5.30am thinking that would be better "NOT" still the same everybody there looking at us gone out, like naughty school kids late for lesson,
and there's me before this didn't even realize there was two 5.30's in a day.
Mind you I must admit they are hard work and you don't half learn how to haggle.
As we set the stuff out and bearing in mind it's 5.30am and pitch black, people are coming round with torches and buying it then later you see most of your rubbish on other stalls being re-sold not that we care as I said most of it was out of the loft and can't have seen the light of day for at least 5 yrs. maybe even 10
But is surprising how much you can take from just basically rubbish that you had forgot you had even got,
still one persons rubbish is another persons treasure I suppose.
Some of the things you do remember buying and remember how much it cost and see what you are being offered for it can make you a bit niggly, but we just had to keep saying to ourselves it's only possessions and we won't need them on Lorimar.
I would have posted a picture but we where so busy, setting out firstly, then haggling and re-stocking that I plain forgot, I'll try and take one at the next one.
Off to the builders next weekend so should have some news to tell you and hopefully some pics.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Contracts are Signed

Well that was an expensive weekend, we visited Paul and Maria at on Saturday and finalised the spec for Lorimar, we have agreed a price signed the contract that will protect both party's during the build and paid our deposit,
it's a waiting game now Paul will be ordering the hull and engine on Monday which should be delivered around the middle to the end of November, it's getting exciting now can't wait to see the steel work start to take shape.

Then we all agreed we should go and celebrate so off to a lovely place near by for a carvery and a drink (or 2)

Did I say 1 or 2 blimey talk about a party!!!

The pub is set next to the canal and a couple that Paul had done some of the fit out for where just mooring for the evening.

What a couple ex-publicans ( Dave and Anna ) that sold up two and a half years ago to live aboard NB Mehalaland,
and a more welcoming and chatty couple would be hard to find on the cut, so we all had a guided tour of Mehalaland after which we decided that the evening just wouldn't be the same unless Dave & Anna joined us, so off we all went on to the pub for a meal.

And am I glad that No.1 son Andrew had decided to come with us this weekend and was able to drive home for me other wise we would have been stranded in Stoke on Trent because I found it hard to walk by the time we left never mind drive.
But who could have asked for more, great company lovely food and plenty of ale.
Special thanks to Paul & Maria for the treat and I promise I'll try not to drink the place dry next time Paul, Honest!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bloggers meet up

What a fantastic evening,
reading blog sites is one thing but actually getting the chance to meet up is just an opportunity you just can't miss,
we knew the "Water Gypsies" Sue and Vic from No Problem and Ann and Chas Moore to Life would be at Elton but what a pleasant surprise to find Mo and Vanessa from NB Balmaha there too, every body made us feel so at home that time just sped by and we reluctantly left before dark leaving everybody to get on with there evening.

Lovely to meet you all and hope to meet up again next year, when if all goes well we will be on board Lorimar, so you won't be able to get rid of us then Vic. LOL

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What a weekend

Well I was planning to fill in the updates as soon as the weekend was over,
and we had visited the builders !!!!!
but it's been so hectic I don't know where to start,
"at the beginning Lad" I can hear my Dad screaming.
Well all went to plan and we took time away on Friday to start visiting the builders and we met some terrific people but one builder stood out among the rest, if only because the enthusiasm and love for narrowboat building that was written all over his face,
We met his wife Maria and his son Ian both playing an active role in the business, all the time we chatted we felt like we had met them years ago and felt so at ease discussing our idea's.
After a visit to there workshop to see the build now taking place NB Tragara, it was off to meet a couple that owned NB Plan-B, the narrowboat Paul, Maria and Ian had built for this years Crick show, what a lovely couple Peter & Diane who invited us to look around it was lovely inside and Peter & Diane so accommodating, anyway after that it was getting late so we all decided we had better find somewhere to eat and drink of course!!
More discussions about layout, spec and price followed and we both agreed this has got to be the builder for us.

Paul luckily has a build slot after the boat they are building now so it fits in with our plans perfect.
Now the other news was about the house now you will see why so hectic,
while away we received a call from the estate agent "is it possible for some one to view the house to-morrow.
Doh! so now the rush back home and sort the house out but it was worth it, the same afternoon after the viewing the estate agent rang and said good news the chap wants to buy the house and we are preparing the paperwork now.
So now you can see what I mean when I said it had been a bit hectic I feel like another day off just to get over the weekend but no chance of that. LOL

Thursday, September 14, 2006

House for Sale

Well no going back now the house went up for sale on Monday and we have had quite a lot of interest already so we will keep you posted,
Worst thing is we will be homeless until the boat is completed which if all goes to plan with the builders we have been talking to should be ready late April early May, so 6 months in a cardboard box,
with en-suite and a kennel for the girls (Deefer & Daisy) of course LOL.

Other than that not much to report this week, we are taking time out on Friday to make a long weekend so we can visit the builders we have short listed and discuss the plans in more detail.
Caught up with Sue and Vic from NB. No Problem at St.Neots the other week what a great time we had just sitting and chatting.

What Sue & Vic don't know about boating isn't worth knowing, and if there was any doubt in our minds about living aboard a narrow boat they soon faded, just listening to Sue and Vic talking about there adventures with such enthusiasm fills you with a warm feeling inside and you could sit and listen for hours.
Thanks for all your advise Sue and we hope to see you soon x

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Deciding on the Layout

Well today was spent at home deciding exactly what we do and don't need and the layout of our narrowboat, ( LORIMAR )
we have decided that we would like a reverse layout and a 58' Semi Traditional Hull.
Galley at the stern leading to open plan living room with breakfast bar at the end of the galley as we both agree a diner would be a waste of precious space with just the two of us,
central arched door leading into a walk through bathroom exit on starboard side leading to our bedroom.
We think the Girls ( Deefer & Daisy ) will be able to sleep in the cratch and we can keep an eye on them when in bed.

Tech Stuff so far
  • As I said 58' Semi Trad
  • Beta 43 BHP Green line engine with twin alternators
  • 2500w / 120 amp vicron inverter
  • 6 x 110 AH Leisure batteries
  • 1 x 110 AH Starter battery
  • Webasto Heating System
  • BMV 501 Battery Monitor
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Lockgate Diesel Stove (chrome)
  • Cratch and Cover
  • Cassette Vacuum Toilet System

Now the hard job of deciding which of the many builders we have visited can do what we want !

Deefer and Daisy doing what they do best.
Oh no not another boat to look round can't we just stay here LOL.
After what seems like a life time of debating with friends and family about "Why the heck you want to sell up and buy a narrowboat"
We have finally (we think) got people to see it from our point of view,
not that other peoples opinions where going to persuade us against the idea it's just what you do, you chat about your ideas and your dreams.
We love having quality time together and walking our two dogs, we love the rivers around our area and are normally found walking the tow path with the dogs admiring boats as we go, and that's when the idea was first thought of, why don't we live aboard a narrow boat, see different places and get away from the everyday rat race.
And so the search began, at first as most people do I think we went to all the boat yards and looked around the second hand market, but no matter what we saw there was always something not quite right, some things just stupid personal choice things, then others with more serious doubts what size inverter, what toilet system and why didn't they do that and why did they do this,
it's surprising what you learn in such a short time, things you never even knew had to be taken into account suddenly became a must have option.
Then a narrow boat owner that we had chatted to through his blog site (Les) said you will never find what you are looking for every body has the same problem, you will have to buy new to get what you really want, Since then Les has become a valid NO BULL source of information and what a great guy.
So our search changed from boats to builders and how many is there loads, one boat is starting to look like the next now and all the builders have different prices and ideas although the standard of workmanship at most is excellent.