Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ian's Cupboards

On the left is the control panel and main distribution cupboard on the right is the cupboards that house the washer dryer, microwave and freezer these are both tall cupboards at the rear as you walk down the steps off the semi trad.
The thing we wanted the most was to have all the appliances behind doors washing machines and freezers look great if you're in to that sort of thing but personally I have spent what seems like a life time staring at them as an engineer or repair man if you like, so I didn't want to spend our leisure time staring at them as well, these are the only tall cupboards through out the boat, we didn't want any high cupboards anywhere else not even in the galley, the intention being the boat should feel open and spacious "we hope"
Now the reason this post is called Ian's Cupboards is although it is hard to see from the pics Ian spent ages matching the grain patterns of each door, and the time spent really shows, just like Paul the attention to detail is fantastic and if it's not right then in the bin it goes,
Ian although following in Paul's foot steps is still at college completing his carpentry course on day release, and nearing the end of the course is now starting to shine in his own right, he has his own idea's and his own techniques which is really great to see.

Oven and Housing

Paul and Ian have finished the Oven housing and as you can see as a bonus the oven fitted perfect well done boys !!
the hob will be fitted later when the granite worktops arrive, which should be on the 25th of Feb. so not long to wait. Lorain is getting excited and can't wait to see the tops in place, she ordered Blue Pearl granite and I am sure she is right when she says it will look great, I can't comment on colours as it was decided a long time ago that when we started to do the build, I would be in charge of the building, electrics and plumbing specs. and she would have control of the colour scheme, so we always have chats, I give my opinion on this colour and on that colour then we go with what Lorain says she wants anyway, and I quote
"you said I was in charge of the colours believe me it will look great" Yes dear says I,

Maria starts the Tiling

The long awaited tiles arrived on site to day and Maria wasted no time in making a start, this section had to be tiled first because once the shower false wall and cubicle are erected it will be impossible to tile, to the left of the port hole is where the shower wall will come down to form a straight wall for the shower cubicle and the gap between the boat side and the shower wall will then become storage area for towels.