Saturday, July 21, 2007

Looking Forward to Monday

Not had much to blog about just lately, weather has been Poo!! and Lorimar has been moored at Pillings while we have been away for the last two weeks working at Priory marina in Bedford.

We had originally planned to cruise to Bedford as I had been offered two to three weeks servicing work at the Marina, working on the Canaltime boats moored there,

but due to the river Soar being in flood we had to revise our plans and travel down by car and stay on one of the Canaltime hire boats at the marina,

turned out to be a wide beam so had plenty of room and good facilities, they are very nicely equipped with everything from microwave to dishwasher on board, but you can't beat the comforts of your own boat so we are really looking forward to returning to Lorimar this weekend, especially after two weeks of changing shower pumps, bilge pumps, replacing faulty wiring and safety checks + general oil and gas servicing on boilers and appliances.

But weather permitting we are hoping to go cruising on Monday, probably only going to be a week away unfortunately so will probably head of towards Fradley and see how far we get, because the week after I've got more gas repairs and general servicing of the Canaltime hire boats at Sawley Marina, still at least it means that Canaltime must have been impressed for them to offer me more work, even though they had to pay all our expenses for the car and provide the wide beam to stay on free of charge and that's not cheap these days,

most of the people staying on the hire boats seem to be either American or Australian which made for some interesting discussions in the evenings over the odd beer and bottle of wine of course.

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear your news. Just wish it would stop raining for you both. How do you keep D and D dry?

Glad you,ve got some work, Mark.

Mum and Ron