Tuesday, June 26, 2007

From this !!

To this in one night.
Woke this morning at 6.30am and took this shot of a lovely sunny day,
we thought the rain was never going to end, and last night spent time revising Lorimars build plans to check out the possibility of turning her into an ark !!
But no need now,
Yippee !! the suns got it's hat on.

But we still have to trudge 200 yds. or so to get near the car parking area through thick, deep mud. Doh !!

The walkway as it is now.

You can see from this shot that it's along way to walk, even if we had real paths and no mud.
The work has re-started on the pontoon pylons today, the lads started at 7.30am making hay while the sun shines, I suspect.
The forecast for to-morrow and the weekend is again unsettled and the soar is still in flood, so nothing else to do but sit and wait it out.
A few owners are a bit fed up as it's there annual holiday and are just sitting around at the marina waiting for somewhere to go.


clinton said...

Hi Mark and Lorain
hope you are well, have you had the chance to get off your moorings yet, sharon and I have had are house valued to give us an idea if we can fund are dream or if we have to wait a a couple of more years to do what you have done.

Lorimar said...

Nice one Clinton,
hope everything goes well with the valuation and you can afford to do it sooner rather than later, remember sometimes we all keep putting things off due to lack of funds and it's hard to say enough is enough, but it's good to take risks and say sod it sometimes !!
if nothing else it makes you appreciate life and each other alot more.
Regards Mark & Lorain