Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pillings Lock Marina

Well we have arrived,

a place I wasn't looking forward to arriving at, not because of the marina but because for now it means an end to a fantastic two weeks of cruising.

Pillings Lock Marina not in it's finished state but does promise to be a lovely place in the very near future.

The pontoons that will form the main walkways to the finger moorings are all placed around the outside of the marina ready to be floated out into position when the pylons have been driven into the marina base, but unfortunately the machine to do this has been delayed.

On a plus side this means that we have a brilliant position on the side well away from the construction crew and overlooking the marina.

On a minus side it's a walk of about 200yds. to the car parking area, not far but if it rains it turns the walk into a mud bath something like an unploughed field, and of course the dogs have to go out and they come back after a 5 min stretch of there legs and sniffing everything in sight to turn the boat into what I can only describe as a war zone, this then takes us half an hour to clean up and get back to normality.

but it hasn't rained that much so it's all good !!!!

Oh yes sorry about the pics it's not really that dismal looking although the day was a bit overcast, I had been messing about with the camera settings on the previous evening trying to get a good night shot of the marina and forgot to put the settings back to auto. what a Muppet !!!

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