Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cheeky Monkey

Today's lovely the suns shining and a chance to get the chairs out and do a spot of fishing, but Deefer had other idea's first she pinched my bread roll that I was using for bait, then while I was fetching another roll she decided she would pinch my chair. cheeky monkey !

The marina work force dug a massive hole with the jcb and buried the large tank that arrived on site a while back, I think it must be for the pump out station.
Work on placing the pylons is still underway, and Paul hopes they will be all in place by next week.
Weather permitting of course.
The river is still in flood conditions and the floodlock remains closed, so not much chance of any day trips for now.


Mo said...

Ahaaaarr, I can see you's gonna be useful to us being down there on the Soar. Everytime we want a flood update all we gotta do is read your blog. Well dun, picking Pillings.

Love the pics and news, keep it up.

Mo and Vanessa

Lorimar said...

All part of the service Mo,
24 hr. news & weather reprts at no extra cost. Hee Hee

Lorimar said...

Meant Reports Doh!!