Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crick to Pillings

Just thought I would let you know,
Since leaving the Crick show we have travelled 49.6 miles and done 44 locks.

Scariest moments on our travels so far have got to be :

  1. Watford staircase locks
  2. Crick Tunnel 1528 yds.
  3. Husbands Bosworth Tunnel 1166 yds.
  4. Foxton staircase locks
  5. Atherstone locks

But it has been a great learning curve for us both and we have really enjoyed ourselves along the way.

For now we have got to stay put and get ourselves organised, get the final inspection carried out by our friendly boat inspector Mr. David Broach,

and of course collect the last of our belongings that are scattered around family members houses and then work out where to put it !!!

1 comment:

les said...

Hi you2 brave adventurers
Having read your scary list all it leaves is going across the Ponty Aquduct with the sheer drop on one side.
Hope you`re gonna love this life as much as i do and hope to see you soon.